The Challenge:

WeAreKnitters approached us looking to boost their sales from social traffic. 

After auditing their store and social media presence, we identified the main asset we could leverage to set sales campaigns up for success - the brand had a strong social media presence, and a highly engaged audience.

After deep diving into their audience insights, we quickly realized that an effective cross-platform retargeting strategy had potential to be extremely successful. 

The Success Strategy:

Social retargeting is the best way for you to leverage your data and reach people who have previously visited and interacted with your brand and products in a different traffic source. Think of this as a second chance to get them down the conversion funnel.

This is especially important given that the average person generally doesn’t convert during their first pass at a product. This doesn’t mean they won’t eventually convert. It just means that for whatever reason, they need a little extra nudge.

Using social retargeting is like building social proof for your offer.

First, we built a new and improved sales funnel for cross-platform retargeting. Then, we executed on a comprehensive advertising strategy that combined Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest ads. 

Whether it was the first time users were learning about their product, if they were being retargeted with an ad or emailed, we tailored the content of the ad they were presented to their awareness level, device, traffic source and interest.

The Results:

PixelHaus took WeAreKnitters' revenue to new heights. Our cross-platform retargeting strategy generated over $330k in just 14 days. 

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Mirella Crespi